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Purse Strap

This bag handle strap is made of leather and has a 4- colors. It is a shoulder bag handle strap and is perfect for a new bag.

Purse Straps

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Replacement Purse Straps

This is a great crossbody bag for those who are looking for a durable and reliable bag. The replaced purse strap straps make it easier and faster to carry your items. This bag also has a new handle which makes it easier to move. looking for a new set of bag strap straps to keep your groceries in place? check out our leather purse straps! These straps are perfect for crossbody items, and can be adjusted to fit most purses evenly. Made from durable, strong fabric, these straps are perfect for anything from work to travel. Plus, our affordable prices make them a great value for your money. this leather strap handle shoulder bag belt is a great for your shoulder while you're carrying your bag. It's made of leather and fabric and has a small star design on the front. our leather shoulder bag belt strap is an adjustable design that fits most bag shapes and sizes. It can be used for a variety of tasks such as belting or crossbody carrying. Our bag handle replacement is made of high-quality leather and it is adjustable to fit a variety of bag shapes and sizes.