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Concealed Carry Purse

Our concealed carry purses are the perfect way to keep your things hidden without having to worry about being seen. They are stylish and look great, with a versatile use include using as a crossbody bag and as a purse. Our purses are perfect for women who want to feel comfortable and stylish when traveling.

Concealed Carry Purses

There are many ways to conceal carry your purse. Some people prefer to put their purse in a top layer or in a dedicated case. Others put their purse in a backpack or in a small bag that they keep with them. In the end, their choice is final!

Concealed Purses

The secret to these western fringe cross body handbags being so concealable is the different straps that go around the front and back of the bag. This makes it so the bag can't only be closed with a key chain or other plate like design, but three different straps make the bag difficult to take up even when carrying large items. The final strap, which is used to open the bag, has a "d-ring" on it for easier removal when not using the bag for an audience. the carry and conceal purse is a great choice for those who want to keep their carried items hidden and concealable. This crossbody bag is spacious and features a nice leather design that will make you feel confidentipping. The bag also features a number of compartments and pockets for all of your belongings, as well as a pair of coin pockets. This bag is sure to be a go-to for anyone who wants to carry a lot of gear without feeling like a conspicuous object. this faux leather catrina concealed weapon purse is the perfect way to keep your gun liberal in the know. With a browning ccw logo on the front, this bag is sure to keep your hand safe at all times. Made from faux leather, this purse is sure to classical look and feel. this is a concealed carry purse crossbody bag made of materials that will allow you to keep your hands free to carry around tools and other items you need. This bag has a colorful v-shaped pocket on the front that is perfect for putting your passport, tickets, or other important items. The back is which features a logo of a sun and it is made of black-colored vinyl. It is a great bag for carrying around material or person.