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Brighton Purses

The brighton purses are perfect for the fashion-savvy girl who loves everythingusfashion. They have a brown leather cherub top and silver color clasp top that will make your fashion-savvy girl case. They are also packed with tools so you can get the job done easily.

Brighton Purse

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Vintage Brighton Purses

This beautiful crossbody bag is made with a brighton crossbody bag to look your best. The embroideredfloral design features a beautiful hanger with beautiful chains and designs, giving the bag a this bag is also very comfortable to wear because of the roomy fit. The crossbody bag can easily serve as a mini work bag as well as a handbag. our brighton purses! Are perfect for any occasion! This soft, comfortable hobo purse is perfect for days out, special occasions oravente, nc! You'll love the stylish, luxurious leather that makes this bag feel like a class up. The light cream leather is perfect for any skin tone and the silver braided handle makes it a comfortable, slip-resistant handbag. this used brighton purses is a great deal for $75! It's in great condition and is also open inside and out. It includes the crossbody organizer. this brighton leather purse bag is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. With a stylish chocolate brown leather look, this bag will add to your look and make a perfect addition to your collection. The purse casserole bag is also a great addition to your wardrobe as is its cute leather interior.